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Kepler Guest Observer Program

Contact the Guest Observer Office

Contact the Kepler Science Center through the following spam-protected email: for advice and information on:

  • the Kepler mission
  • program opportunities such as:
    • The Guest Observer Program
    • The Kepler Participating Scientist Program
    • Kepler's association with NASA's Astrophysical Data Archive Program
    • The Kepler Follow-up Program
    • Keck Funding Opportunities
    • Sagan Postdoctoral Fellowships
    • The NASA Postdoc Program
    • The Kepler Asteroseismological Science Consortium
    • Kepler Working Group Collaboration
    • The Kepler Users' Group, and
    • The Kepler Exoplanet Council
  • Instrument characteristics
  • Kepler data and calibration issues
  • Data archives, and
  • Data analysis software

Your contact information will be used to answer your query and will not be used for commercial purposes or given away except as required by law. For more information, consult the NASA Privacy Policy.

Questions concerning Kepler's science opportunities and open programs, public archive or community tools? Contact us via the email address.
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