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Data Release Notes
K2 Campaign 1

Campaign 1 (C1) is the first full length observing campaign for K2 where the targets were selected by peer review.


  • Cadence Data
  • FFI Data Set Names
    • ktwo2014157010055-c01
    • ktwo2014203150825-c01

Bore Sight Pointing

  • RA: 173.939610 degrees
  • Dec: 1.4172989 degrees
  • Roll: 157.641206 degrees
Schematic of Kepler's C1 field-of-view with selected targets shown with purple dots.

Campaign Features and Events

Attitude Tweak

The attitude of the spacecraft was changed by a few pixels at cadence 91433 to better position the targets in the center of their apertures. All cadences in C1 prior to this event have the first bit in the QUALITY column set (integer value = 1) to indicate that they were taken prior to the tweak.

Trans-Neptunian Object

A long-cadence custom aperture was constructed in order to collect data on trans-Neptunian Object 2002 GV31. Note, this target is very faint (V=22) and falls in its custom aperture pixels for only about 10 days. This custom aperture can be found by searching the MAST for the K2 ID numbered 200001049.

EPIC Catalog Assignment

For this Campaign, a number of targets were proposed without EPIC ID numbers. If a target was observed, it was either 1) given an EPIC ID number from the regular catalog if that target matched a target in the catalog, or 2) assigned a new EPIC ID. We created EPIC ID numbers for 28 targets, ranging from 210282464 to 210282491. Regular EPIC targets in C1 have catalog ID numbers ranging from 201000001 to 202059065.

Campaign 1 Data Release History

The following is the data release history for this campaign. Follow the link for information about some of the features of the software used to reduce and export these data. There will be a new entry each time the data is released by the mission.

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