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Kepler Science Center
Campaign 1 (May 30-Aug 21, 2014)
+target list (csv)

GO1001 Giampapa Characterizing the Variability of the Nearby Late-Type Dwarf Stars +proposal
GO1002 Beichman Search for Planets Transiting Bright M Dwarf Stars in Field 1 +proposal
GO1003 Hartig Long Cadence Super-Red Targets - Kepler K2 Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1004 Alonso A search for transiting exoplanets around cool white dwarfs +proposal
GO1005 Wang Searching For Hot Jupiters In Binary Stars +proposal
GO1006 Scholz Rotation of M dwarfs: spindown, activity, and gyrochronology +proposal
GO1007 Kilic A Search for Habitable Planets Around White Dwarfs in Field 1 +proposal
GO1008 Ramsay Flares from M and L dwarfs +proposal
GO1009 Ramsay The Cataclysmic Variable RZ Leo +proposal
GO1010 Gizis Brown Dwarfs in Kepler K2 Campaign One +proposal
GO1011 Golden Determining the Rotational Properties of the T5.5 field dwarf 2MASS J11101001+0116130 +proposal
GO1012 Shporer K2 Eclipsing White Dwarfs Survey Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1013 Geier Kepler light curves of hot subdwarf binaries +proposal
GO1014 Smalley Pulsations and the Am Stars +proposal
GO1015 Hermes K2 Observations of the Consequences of Common-Envelope Evolution +proposal
GO1016 Hermes Short Cadence Observations of Confirmed Pulsating WDs in K2 Field 1 +proposal
GO1017 Hermes Limits on Variability Near the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip +proposal
GO1018 Plachy Long Cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2 Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1019 Molnar RR Lyrae and red giant stars in the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Leo IV +proposal
GO1020 Wehrle Optical Time Variability of Fermi Blazars, Part 2: K2 Field 1 +proposal
GO1021 Molnar Long Cadence Cepheid targets - K2 Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1022 Carini Observations of known blazars in the K2 F1 field +proposal
GO1023 Kane Exoplanet Host Star Targets for K2 Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1024 Szkody K2 Campaign 1 Proposal for Monitoring Cataclysmic Variables +proposal
GO1025 Edelson AGN Variability Studies with K2 Field 1 +proposal
GO1026 Peters Proposal for Observations of Eclipsing Binaries in Kepler K2 Field 1 +proposal
GO1027 Antoci Unravelling the mysteries of AF-type stars +proposal
GO1029 Antoci Asteroseismology of SPB stars +proposal
GO1030 Antoci Asteroseismology of Beta Cephei stars +proposal
GO1031 Papics MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: single B-type stars in Field 1 +proposal
GO1032 Van Grootel K2 Observations of Solar-Like Planet-Hosting Stars in Field 1 +proposal
GO1033 Ziegerer Nature and Origin of Hypervelocity Stars +proposal
GO1034 Gaulme Asteroseismology of Stars in Eclipsing-Binary Systems +proposal
GO1035 Koerding Optical variability in Active Galactic Nuclei +proposal
GO1036 Crossfield Small Planets around Small Stars: Proper Motion and Spectroscopic Selection +proposal
GO1037 Rodriguez-Lopez KARMENES Short Cadence: M dwarfs as hosts of close-in planets and pulsations +proposal
GO1038 Chaplin Type Stars for Asteroseismology in K2 Short Cadence +proposal
GO1039 Silvotti A survey to detect first sdB Planetary Transits +proposal
GO1040 Silva Aguirre Asteroseismology of bright Red Giants +proposal
GO1041 Hellier Kepler K2 observations of the hot Jupiter WASP-85b +proposal
GO1043 Johnson Probing the Planetary Population of High-Mass Stars +proposal
GO1044 Gizis L Dwarf Flares in Kepler K2 Campaign One +proposal
GO1045 Breedt Short timescale variations in Cataclysmic Variables +proposal
GO1046 Weiss Kepler2 Campaign 1 Proposed Targets +proposal
GO1047 Cook NJC M Dwarfs Companion Search +proposal
GO1048 Burleigh Eclipses, transits and variability of white dwarf stars with Kepler +proposal
GO1049 Reed K2 Observations of Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars for Field 1 +proposal
GO1050 Sozzetti A K2 transiting planet search around bright M stars in the era of Gaia +proposal
GO1051 Rojas-Ayala Transiting planets around M dwarfs in field 1: The hunt for small planets! +proposal
GO1052 Robertson Probing M Dwarf Properties, Activity, and Planets with K2 +proposal
GO1053 Montet Targeting M dwarfs with K2 +proposal
GO1054 Sanchis-Ojeda Using K2 to understand the rocky-gaseous transition +proposal
GO1055 Burke K2 Exoplanet Ecliptic Survey - KEES +proposal
GO1057 Reffert Asteroseismic Characterization of 3 G Giant Stars with Precise Radial Velocity Observations +proposal
GO1058 Johnson Searching for Planets around Young Stars: G 10-52 +proposal
GO1059 Stello Galactic Archaeology on a grand scale - Campaign 1 +proposal
GO1060 Gillen Members of young associations, moving groups and nearby brown dwarfs +proposal
GO1061 Lepine A KEPLER-K2 search for exoplanets orbiting main-sequence stars of the local Galactic halo population +proposal
GO1062 Anglada KARMENES : The K2+CARMENES low cadence M-dwarf sample for field 1 +proposal
GO1063 Sanchez Bejar A search for habitable planets transiting the smallest stars +proposal
GO1064 Szabo Proof-of-concept study to observe a trans-Neptunian object around the stationary point +proposal
GO1065 Vanderburg Searching for Eclipsing Post Common Envelope Binary Systems with K2 +proposal
GO1066 Lloyd Resolving the Retired A Star Controversy with K2 Asteroseismology +proposal
GO1067 Kolenberg Short cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2/C1 proposal +proposal
GO1068 Prsa K2 field 1 target proposal: Eclipsing Binary Stars +proposal
GO1069 Deacon The effect of wide binaries on planet occurrence +proposal
GO1070 Redfield Monitoring of Targets Within 100 Light Years +proposal
GO1071 Redfield A Search for Transiting Objects Orbiting White Dwarf Stars +proposal
GO1072 Fanelli No Title (galaxies) +proposal
GO1073 Bastien Making F Dwarfs Cool Again - Demystifying the Radial Velocity (RV) Jitter of F Dwarfs +proposal
GO1074 Olling The Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey (KEGS) +proposal
GO1075 Demory Searching for Terrestrial Planets Orbiting the Brightest Cool Stars with K2 +proposal
GO1076 Scaringi Variability in cataclysmic variables with K2 +proposal

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