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Campaign 2 (Aug 22-Nov 11, 2014)
+target list (csv)

The Campaign 2 target list consists of 13,399 standard long cadence and 54 short cadence targets. In addition we have included large pixel masks over the clusters M4 and M80. If a target falls within either the M4 or M80 large mask it will not appear in the target list.
Two Solar System bodies were selected - trans-Neptunian object (278361) 2007 JJ43 and Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring). The Solar System bodies are moving relative to the celestial sphere and are covered by long streaks of pixels. The full cluster and Solar System pixel masks are made up of many smaller masks.

GO2001 Scholz Rotation of M dwarfs: spindown, activity, and gyrochronology +proposal
GO2003 Guenther Stellar activity of young stars as key for understanding the diversity of exoplanets: The case of Upper Scorpius OB association +proposal
GO2004 Edelson AGN Variability Studies with Kepler K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2006 Wang K2 Campaign 2 and 3 proposal: Searching For Hot Jupiters In Binary Stars +proposal
GO2007 Schaefer High-Precision Eclipse Timings of Recurrent Nova U Scorpii +proposal
GO2008 Schaefer A Planet Around the Dwarf Nova V893 Sco? +proposal
GO2009 Schaefer Short-Duration Flares on Mira Stars +proposal
GO2010 Scholz Rotation of young brown dwarfs +proposal
GO2011 Ramsay A dedicated survey of M dwarfs +proposal
GO2012 Smalley Pulsations and the Am Stars +proposal
GO2013 Rodriguez-Lopez KARMENES Short Cadence (Fields 2 and 3): M dwarfs as hosts of close-in planets and pulsations +proposal
GO2014 Szkody K2 Campaign 2 and 3 Proposal for Monitoring Cataclysmic Variables +proposal
GO2015 Johnson Probing the Planetary Population of High-Mass Stars +proposal
GO2017 Scaringi Long cadence observations of cataclysmic variables with K2 +proposal
GO2018 Scaringi Sco X-1: the first LMXB observed with Kepler +proposal
GO2020 Lodieu Finding transiting exoplanets in Upper Scorpius with Kepler K2 +proposal
GO2021 Ripepi Pulsating Pre-Main-Sequence stars in the Upper Scorpius Association +proposal
GO2022 Keyes Optical Flickering in Symbiotic Stars +proposal
GO2023 Chaplin Solar-Type Stars for Asteroseismology in K2 Short Cadence +proposal
GO2024 Ostensen Compact variable candidates for K2 Field 2-3 +proposal
GO2025 Johnson Measuring the Masses of Two Bright, Evolved Stars with K2 +proposal
GO2026 Hynes Optical and Gamma-ray Correlations in Scorpius X-1 +proposal
GO2027 Plachy Short Cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2029 Brogaard Exploiting the globular cluster M4 with K2 +proposal
GO2030 Kelley Rotation Period of the Mars Flyby Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) +proposal
GO2031 Sozzetti A K2 transiting planet search around bright M stars in the era of Gaia +proposal
GO2032 Abraham Disk structure and dynamics in intermediate-mass Herbig Ae stars +proposal
GO2033 Kording Optical variability in Active Galactic Nuclei +proposal
GO2034 Chew Preparing for TESS Planets in the Habitable Zone +proposal
GO2035 Reed K2 Observations of Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars for Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2036 Reed K2 Observations of Short-Period, p-mode Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars during F2 and F3 +proposal
GO2039 Molnar Pulsating variables in the globular clusters Messier 4 and 80 +proposal
GO2040 Molnar Long Cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2 Campaigns 2 & 3 +proposal
GO2041 Molnar Type I and II Cepheids in the K2 Campaigns 2 & 3 +proposal
GO2042 Edwards The Close-Binary Fraction of Planetary Nebulae in K2 Field 2 +proposal
GO2044 Gizis Ultracool Dwarf Flares in Kepler K2 +proposal
GO2045 Gizis Late-M and L Dwarfs in Kepler K2 Campaigns Two and Three +proposal
GO2046 Lisse NASA CIOC K2 Campaign Comet Siding Spring Custom Aperture Proposa +proposal
GO2047 Brown Rotational Properties And Evolution Of Young Stars In Upper Sco: K2-field02 +proposal
GO2049 Prsa K2 campaigns 2 and 3 target proposal: Eclipsing Binary Stars +proposal
GO2051 Stello Galactic Archaeology on a grand scale - Campaigns 2-3 +proposal
GO2052 Covey K2 Monitoring of Confirmed Members of Upper Sco + Rho Oph +proposal
GO2054 Sanchis-Ojeda Using K2 to understand the rocky-gaseous transition +proposal
GO2056 Hillenbrand A K2 Study of Young Stars in Upper Scorpius: Disk Effects, Stellar Activity, and Planets at 3-5 Myr +proposal
GO2059 Breedt Rapid variability of accreting compact objects in K2 Field 2 +proposal
GO2061 Hegedus Optical Identification And Short Time Scale Variability Of Blazars +proposal
GO2063 Kraus Planets Around Likely Young Stars in Upper Sco + Rho Oph +proposal
GO2066 Schwamb Rotational Periods of Kuiper belt Objects and Centaurs with K2 +proposal
GO2067 Peters Proposal for Observations of Eclipsing Binaries in Kepler K2 Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2068 Keuhn Asteroseismology of Red Horizontal Branch Variables in M4 - K2/C2 proposal +proposal
GO2069 Montet Targeting M dwarfs with K2 +proposal
GO2070 Sanchez-Bejar A search for habitable planets transiting the smallest stars +proposal
GO2071 Chavez Search for Planetary Companions in Stars with mid-IR Excess +proposal
GO2072 Burke K2 Exoplanet Ecliptic Survey - KEES +proposal
GO2073 Ribas KARMENES : The K2+CARMENES low cadence M-dwarf sample for fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2074 Kospal Pulsed accretion in pre-main sequence spectroscopic binaries +proposal
GO2075 DeCat Asteroseismology of Beta Cephei stars +proposal
GO2077 Antoci Asteroseismology of Delta Scuti Stars +proposal
GO2078 DeCat Asteroseismology of O-type stars +proposal
GO2079 Antoci Asteroseismology of roAp and Ap Stars +proposal
GO2080 DeCat Asteroseismology of (SP)B stars +proposal
GO2081 Antoci Unravelling the mysteries of AF-type stars +proposal
GO2083 Jacoby Measuring the Binary Fraction of Planetary Nebula Central Stars +proposal
GO2084 Santerne Photometric study of a metal-poor planet-host candidate: synergy between K2 and HARPS +proposal
GO2085 Aigrain Known members of rho Ophiuci and Upper Sco +proposal
GO2086 Southworth K2 observations of SuperWASP eclipsing binaries +proposal
GO2087 Burleigh Eclipses, transits and variability of white dwarf stars with Kepler +proposal
GO2088 Valenti Flares on Young Stellar Objects in the rho Oph Star Forming Region +proposal
GO2089 Hartig Long Cadence Super-Red Targets - Kepler K2 Campaign 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2090 Valenti Evolution of Surface Structure on Chemically Peculiar Stars +proposal
GO2091 Desidera Planetary systems at young ages with Kepler-2 +proposal
GO2092 Kennedy K2 Cycles 2 and 3: Transiting planets as a part of whole planetary systems +proposal
GO2093 Silva-Aguirre Asteroseismology of bright Red Giants +proposal
GO2098 Briquet MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: Magnetic massive stars in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2099 Tkachenko MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: Binary stars in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2100 Zwintz MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: pre-main sequence stars in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2101 Papics MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: Single B-type stars in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2102 Moravveji MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: OB-type Supergiants in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2104 Petigura Measuring the Occurrence of Small Planets with K2 +proposal
GO2105 Scaringi Short cadence observations of cataclysmic variables with K2 +proposal
GO2106 Beichman Search for Planets Transiting Bright M Dwarf Stars-Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2107 Crossfield Small Planets around Small Stars: Proper Motion and Spectroscopic Selection +proposal
GO2109 Weiss K2 Campaign 2 Proposed Targets [bright stars] +proposal
GO2111 Kilic A Search for Habitable Planets Around White Dwarfs in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO2112 Carini Observations of blazars in the K2 F2 and F3 fields +proposal
GO2113 Redfield Monitoring of Targets Within 100 Light Years +proposal
GO2114 Demory Searching for Terrestrial Planets Orbiting Cool Stars and Brown Dwarfs with K2 +proposal

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