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Campaign 3 (Nov 14, 2014 - Feb 6, 2014)
+target list (csv)

The Campaign 3 target list consists of 16,375 standard long cadence and 55 standard short cadence targets. In addition we have included large pixel masks over dwarf planet (225088) 2007 OR10, the planet Neptune and its moon Nereid. Bodies within our own Solar System move relative to the celestial sphere and are covered by long streaks of pixels. We tiled the entire extent of (225088) 2007 OR10, Neptune and Nereid in long cadence and we have tiled approximate 20 days either side of the stationary point of Neptune in short cadence.

There was an error in the software we supplied to the community that reports whether potential targets that fall on active silicon. The roll coordinate used in the software was 5 degrees off from the as flown pointing. The result is that roughly 20% of proposed targets fell off active silicon and were not observable. We backfilled the target list with targets from lower ranked programs. The error was regrettable and we have put steps in place to prevent this happening again.

GO3001 Scholz Rotation of M dwarfs: spindown, activity, and gyrochronology +proposal
GO3004 Edelson AGN Variability Studies with Kepler K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3005 Shporer K2 Eclipsing White Dwarfs Survey - Campaign 3 +proposal
GO3006 Wang K2 Campaign 2 and 3 proposal: Searching For Hot Jupiters In Binary Stars +proposal
GO3011 Ramsay A dedicated survey of M dwarfs +proposal
GO3012 Smalley Pulsations and the Am Stars +proposal
GO3013 Rodriguez-Lopez KARMENES Short Cadence (Fields 2 and 3): M dwarfs as hosts of close-in planets and pulsations +proposal
GO3014 Szkody K2 Campaign 2 and 3 Proposal for Monitoring Cataclysmic Variables +proposal
GO3015 Johnson Probing the Planetary Population of High-Mass Stars +proposal
GO3016 Johnson Searching for Planets around Young Stars: Young M Dwarfs +proposal
GO3017 Scaringi Long cadence observations of cataclysmic variables with K2 +proposal
GO3023 Chaplin Solar-Type Stars for Asteroseismology in K2 Short Cadence +proposal
GO3024 Ostensen Compact variable candidates for K2 Field 2-3 +proposal
GO3025 Johnson Measuring the Masses of Two Bright, Evolved Stars with K2 +proposal
GO3027 Plachy Short Cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3031 Sozzetti A K2 transiting planet search around bright M stars in the era of Gaia +proposal
GO3033 Kording Optical variability in Active Galactic Nuclei +proposal
GO3034 Chew Preparing for TESS Planets in the Habitable Zone +proposal
GO3035 Reed K2 Observations of Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars for Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3037 Szabo Searching for distant rings of Neptune with K2 - a C3 proposal +proposal
GO3038 Deacon The effect of wide binaries on planet occurrence - Kepler K2 Campaign 1 +proposal
GO3040 Molnar Long Cadence RR Lyrae targets - K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3041 Molnar Type I and II Cepheids in the K2 Campaigns 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3043 Schwamb Mapping the Surface of Dwarf Planet Candidate 2007 OR10 with K2 +proposal
GO3045 Gizis Late-M and L Dwarfs in Kepler K2 Campaigns Two and Three +proposal
GO3048 Olling The Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey (KEGS) Transient Survey; Campaign 3 +proposal
GO3049 Prsa K2 campaigns 2 and 3 target proposal: Eclipsing Binary Stars +proposal
GO3050 Giguere Characterizing Stellar Parameters and Activity of Late G and K stars with K2 +proposal
GO3051 Stello Galactic Archaeology on a grand scale - Campaigns 2-3 +proposal
GO3053 Szabo Observing large trans-Neptunian objects and a dwarf planet around their stationary points - a K2/C2-C3 proposal +proposal
GO3054 Sanchis-Ojeda Using K2 to understand the rocky-gaseous transition +proposal
GO3055 Hellier Kepler K2 observations of the bright intermediate polar FO Aquarii +proposal
GO3057 Gaulme Seismology of Neptune +proposal
GO3058 Breedt FO Aqr, King of the Intermediate Polars +proposal
GO3060 Rowe Probing Neptune With Kepler +proposal
GO3061 Hegedus Optical Identification And Short Time Scale Variability Of Blazars +proposal
GO3064 Gaulme Asteroseismology of Stars in Eclipsing-Binary Systems +proposal
GO3065 Melendez Using solar twins to study the past and future of the Sun +proposal
GO3067 Peters Proposal for Observations of Eclipsing Binaries in Kepler K2 Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3069 Montet Targeting M dwarfs with K2 +proposal
GO3070 Sanchez Bejar A search for habitable planets transiting the smallest stars +proposal
GO3071 Chavez Search for Planetary Companions in Stars with mid-IR Excess +proposal
GO3072 Burke K2 Exoplanet Ecliptic Survey - KEES +proposal
GO3073 Ribas KARMENES : The K2+CARMENES low cadence M-dwarf sample for fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3075 DeCat Asteroseismology of Beta Cephei stars +proposal
GO3077 Antoci Asteroseismology of Delta Scuti Stars +proposal
GO3080 DeCat Asteroseismology of (SP)B stars +proposal
GO3081 Antoci Unravelling the mysteries of AF-type stars +proposal
GO3082 Hermes Observations of Two WDs Inside the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip +proposal
GO3086 Southworth K2 observations of SuperWASP eclipsing binaries +proposal
GO3087 Burleigh Eclipses, transits and variability of white dwarf stars with Kepler +proposal
GO3089 Hartig Long Cadence Super-Red Targets - Kepler K2 Campaign 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3091 Desidera Planetary systems at young ages with Kepler-2 +proposal
GO3092 Kennedy K2 Cycles 2­ and 3: Transiting planets as a part of whole planetary systems +proposal
GO3093 Silva Aguirre Asteroseismology of bright Red Giants +proposal
GO3094 Van Grootel K2 Observations of GJ 876: a M3.5 star with at least 4 planets, including the hot super-Earth GJ 876 d +proposal
GO3095 Van Grootel K2 Observations of Solar-Like Planet-Hosting Stars in Field 3 +proposal
GO3096 Hellier K2 observations of the hot Jupiters WASP-47b and WASP-75b +proposal
GO3101 Papics MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: Single B-type stars in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3102 Moravveji MASSIVE: Massive stAr aSteroSeIsmology, Variability, and Evolution with K2: OB-type Supergiants in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3104 Petigura Measuring the Occurrence of Small Planets with K2 +proposal
GO3105 Scaringi Short cadence observations of cataclysmic variables with K2 +proposal
GO3106 Beichman Search for Planets Transiting Bright M Dwarf Stars—Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3107 Crossfield Small Planets around Small Stars: Proper Motion and Spectroscopic Selection +proposal
GO3110 Weiss K2 Campaign 3 Proposed Targets [bright stars] +proposal
GO3111 Kilic A Search for Habitable Planets Around White Dwarfs in Fields 2 and 3 +proposal
GO3112 Carini Observations of blazars in the K2 F2 and F3 fields +proposal
GO3113 Redfield Monitoring of Targets Within 100 Light Years +proposal
GO3114 Demory Searching for Terrestrial Planets Orbiting Cool Stars and Brown Dwarfs with K2 +proposal
GO3115 Schaefer Neptunian Moon Nereid's Rotation and Irregular Flaring +proposal
GO3116 Redfield A Search for Transiting Objects Orbiting White Dwarf Stars +proposal

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