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Kepler Guest Observer Program

Kepler Users' Panel

The role of the KUP is to provide support, insight, and perspectives on Kepler mission policies, progress, and products to facilitate community exploitation of Kepler data. The KUP requests that Kepler users in the community contact them with comments, suggestions, and criticisms that they will relay to the Kepler Science Center and NASA HQ.

Suzanne Aigrain
Oxford University
Patricia Boyd
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Alex Brown (Chairman)
Colorado University
Bill Chaplin
University of Birmingham
Steve Kawaler
Iowa State University
David Silva
National Optical Astronomy Observatory


Mission: The KUP will provide support, insight, and perspectives on mission policies, progress and products to facilitate community exploitation of Kepler data.

Membership: The KUP shall consist of 5-10 members that are nominated by the Kepler Project Scientist and approved by the Kepler Program Scientist at NASA HQ. The members should represent a wide range of community interests and generally a working knowledge of the Kepler mission, both in exoplanets and in astrophysics, to enable the Panel to provide the project with broad-based input about the needs and priorities of the Kepler User community during the extended Kepler mission. At least one member should be a current member of the KEC. In addition to the core members, the Kepler Project Scientist, Project Manager and Program Scientist should be ex officio members of the KUP invited participate in panel discussions, but not in drafting of any reports or recommendations.

The KUP has the authority to elect its own chairperson (aligned with term membership, see below) with the responsibility for setting the meeting agenda, presiding over meetings, and coordinating the preparation of reports to the Project. The KUP will have the ability to request information from the project, community, or any such group as deemed necessary to accomplish its task.

Terms: Members shall serve for staggered terms of 2 years and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Members replacing term expirations shall be selected in accordance with the above statement.

Meetings: It is anticipated that the KUP would meet twice a year, typically once at NASA Ames (Kepler's home) and once at each January AAS meeting. Additional meetings (either face-to-face or remote) may be needed under special circumstances. Travel expenses to one meeting per year per member will be supplied by the Kepler project.

Functions: The Kepler Users Panel is charged to review and comment on:

  1. Kepler extended mission operations and management approach
  2. The mission's science balance between exoplanet science and astrophysics
  3. Mission's Guest Observer program and general community support
  4. Mission's archive data products, community tools & user documentation
  5. Development of Kepler mission proposals to the Astrophysics Senior Review of operating missions.

The KUP will report to and prepare a report from each meeting to be delivered within a reasonable time to the Kepler project manager, project scientist and NASA HQ program scientist as to the finding of the committee.


The Kepler Users' Panel provides reports to the Kepler Program Scientist at NASA HQ, the Project Scientist, and the Kepler Science Center.

Sep 06-07, 2010 @ NASA Ames Research Center
Mar 28-29, 2011 @ NASA Ames Research Center
Nov 09-10, 2011 @ NASA Ames Research Center
May 23-24, 2012 @ NASA Ames Research Center
Nov 28-29, 2012 @ NASA Ames Research Center

Questions concerning Kepler's science opportunities and open programs, public archive or community tools? Contact us via the email address.
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