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Kepler Guest Observer Program

Kepler Field in the UKIRT J-band Public Archive

The UKIRT data archive in Edinburgh provides positions and magnitudes for J band sources within the Kepler field. Archive tools generate high resolution cut-out images on the fly and allow source cross matches around user-specified lists of coordinates. The current UKIRT dataset covers 99.5% of the field and was observed and supplied by Phil Lucas ((p.w.lucas at herts.ac.uk).

The images have a typical spatial resolution of 0.8-0.9 arcsec. They are therefore useful for separating blended stellar pairs and spatially resolving external galaxies. This dataset is intended to:

  1. assist with detection of false-positive transit signals
  2. assist with the selection and characterisation of Guest Observer targets
  3. potentially identify infrared variable sources within the Kepler field, by comparison with 2MASS data.

Figure 1: The left-hand image contains the UKIRT J-band image of the field around KOI-326 (KIC 9880467). The right-hand image is the same field obtained from the DSS2-Red database through NASA's Skyview facility.

Step-by-step instructions for accessing the UKIRT J-band survey of the Kepler field:
  1. The new public database with all the UKIRT Kepler field data is available at the WFCAM Science Archive.
  2. Enter the following public login credentials:
    username: WSERV4
    password: public
    community: nonSurvey
  3. The database is called WSERV4v20101019.
  4. Cut-out images around objects of interest can be obtained using the MultiGetImage tool.
  5. Coordinates listings for sources near objects of interest can be obtained using the Cross-ID tool. Typical depth is J=19.6 (Vega system).
  6. The SQL source catalogue is "wserv4Source". This can be interrogated by typing an SQL query into the FreeFormSQL form, e.g. select ra,dec,japermag3 from wserv4Source where dec between 39.0 and 39.1
  7. The list of table columns is available under the Schema Browser. Look under Schema Browser/WSA Non-Survey/10/WSERV4v20101019/wserv4Source.

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