Beta release of PyKE v3.0 out now

News article posted on by Zé Vinícius

A new major version of PyKE has been released in beta. PyKE is Python-based set of data analysis tools which offer a user-friendly way to inspect and analyze the pixels and lightcurves obtained by Kepler and K2.

PyKE v3.0 provides the following key improvements::

  • PyKE is now a pip-installable package and supports both Python 2 and 3;
  • tasks are now available both as command-line tools and Python functions;
  • PyKE no longer depends on PyRAF and is TESS-ready;
  • the tutorials have been updated for K2 and the documentation is now generated using Sphinx;
  • the development has been moved to GitHub to encourage user contributions and bug reports.

Interested users are encouraged to consult the documentation at, which includes a quickstart tutorial.