Campaign 8 target list now available online

News article posted on by Tom Barclay

The K2 Campaign 8 Target List has now been posted. The Campaign 8 target list includes 24187 standard long cadence and 54 short cadence targets. The planet Uranus will be observed for roughly a month in short cadence and the remaining time in long cadence, in addition four of its moons make the long cadence target list. Six Trojan asteroids and four TNOs round out the solar system targets. The irregular dwarf galaxy IC 1613 will be observed with a large pixel mask and several very bright stars will be targeted using custom pixel masks that only collect the wings of the PSF.

We now make available a list of targets observed as part of all executed programs. Programs from previous campaigns also now have this information included. We encourage PIs from all campaigns to check the list of approved programs.