The missions

Kepler & K2 provide long-baseline, high-precision photometry for exoplanet and astrophysics research.

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K2 observing

K2 is a community-driven mission: targets and funding are awarded through open calls for proposals.

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Data analysis

Pixel data, lightcurves, and analysis software are publicly available with no proprietary period.

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News for scientists

K2 Campaign 19 raw data available

The Kepler spacecraft has successfully downloaded Campaign 19 data to Earth. To enable users to make use of the current visibility of the Campaign 19 field from the ground, the raw cadence data files have been made public immediately via the K2 data archive at MAST.

The use of the …

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K2 Campaign 18 data processing complete

Data processing for K2 Campaign 18 is now complete and the pixel files and lightcurves are in the process of being shipped to the data archive at MAST. We anticipate that the data release will be announced before the end of the month.

Campaign 18 provided Kepler's third visit to …

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K2 Campaigns 2, 3, and 13 reprocessed

A few months ago we announced that we were undertaking an effort to reprocess campaigns 0–14 using the same version of the Kepler/K2 pipeline used for C15 and subsequent campaigns. This version introduced several new features and improvements, such as more sophisticated pixel calibration, better identification of spacecraft …

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New in Lightkurve: interactively selecting pixel aperture masks

Kepler data analyses often begin with establishing which pixels your target of interest occupied, and to what extent artifacts or background signals affect those pixels. The Kepler/K2 in-house toolkit, Lightkurve, offers a new mechanism to witness — in real time — the differential impact of aperture mask pixel selection on the …

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