The missions

Kepler & K2 provide long-baseline, high-precision photometry for exoplanet and astrophysics research.

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K2 observing

K2 is a community-driven mission: targets and funding are awarded through open calls for proposals.

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Data analysis

Pixel data, lightcurves, and analysis software are publicly available with no proprietary period.

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News for scientists

DDT deadline for K2 Campaign 18 approaching

We are currently accepting DDT proposals for Campaigns 18 and 19. The primary goal of the DDT program is to enable exceptional, time-critical observing opportunities.

Owing to the overlaps with previous fields, C18 offers the opportunity to revisit targets from C5, while C19 enables re-observations of objects from C3 and …

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Spacecraft status

Now executing K2 Campaign 16.

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