K2 Campaign 10 data available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The pipeline-processed data for K2 Campaign 10 are now available for download from the K2 archive at MAST.

As explained in detail in the data release notes, the data were processed in two separate sets:

  • The first six days of data, dubbed C10a, were collected with a pointing error of 3.3 pixels from the nominal field-of-view, so they were only processed through CAL to make Type 1 target pixel files and collateral data files.
  • The remainder of the campaign, dubbed C10b, was processed through the entire photometry pipeline, creating Type 2 target pixel files, long-cadence light curves, and collateral data files.

The C10a files are known in the archive under Campaign number 101, and the C10b files have Campaign number 102. A search for Campaign 10 will return both sets of files.

Another complexity is that Module 4 was lost part way through C10b, which powered off the photometer and produced a 14-day data gap.

We strongly encourage users to read the C10 data release notes carefully.