K2 Campaign 14 science program now available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The science program and target lists for K2 Campaign 14 have now been posted on the approved targets & programs page.

Campaign 14 is scheduled to run from May 31 through August 19, 2017, and will be observing towards the constellations of Leo and Sextans near the North Galactic Cap. The target list includes 29,897 standard long cadence and 147 standard short cadence targets.

Notable targets include:

  • Wolf 359: a late M dwarf and 5th nearest star system to the Sun (EPIC 201885041);
  • WASP-104: host of a transiting hot Jupiter (EPIC 248662696);
  • 7 bright stars observed using custom circular masks, including the 4th-magnitude blue supergiant rho Leo (EPIC 200182931);
  • 6 large galaxies observed using custom masks (M95, M96, M105, NGC 3384, NGC 3423, NGC3412) and 14,691 small galaxies observed using standard masks to observe supernovae;
  • 27 hilda and trojan asteroids;
  • 8 trans-Neptunian objects: 2000 CM105, 2000 OG44, 2002 CY224, 2008 CS190, 2014 WJ510, 2014 WA509, 2014 WA510, 2014 WO509;
  • 6 comets: 17P, 202P, 331P, 50P, P2010 TO20, and P2016 A3;
  • 1 main-belt asteroid: 373 Melusina.

K2 C14 field