K2 Campaign 15 science program now available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The science program and target lists for K2 Campaign 15 have now been posted on the approved targets & programs page.

Campaign 15 is scheduled to run from August 23 through November 20, 2017, and will be observing towards the constellation of Scorpius. The target list includes 23,279 standard long cadence and 119 standard short cadence stars.

Notable targets include:

  • The outskirts of the ~11 Myr-old Upper Sco region, the most nearby OB star association (400 light-years away), including:
    • Delta Sco: one of the best-studied Be-type stars, known for outbursts in 2000 and 2011. The target is very bright (Kp=2) and thus observed using a custom circular mask (ID 200194910).
    • Several other bright B- and A-type stars (Kp=4-6) to be searched for pulsations for the first time.
    • Hundreds of low-mass pre-main sequence stars.
  • Targets being observed in short cadence include:
    • GW Lib: a cataclysmic variable with a white dwarf that pulsates (ID 249251294).
    • 2MASS 1507-1627: an L5-type Brown Dwarf located just 24 light-years from Earth (ID 249914869).
    • K2-38: an exoplanet system with two transiting super-Earths discovered in K2 Campaign 2 (ID 204221263).
  • The globular cluster NGC 5897 is being observed using a 90-by-90 pixel square box (IDs 200194922–200194957).
  • 3466 Galaxies are being monitored for supernovae.
  • 38 Solar System objects, including:
    • Asteroid Ryugu: target of the Hyabusa 2 sample return mission (IDs 200194922–200194787).
    • 3 Main-belt asteroids: Fantasia, Neujmina, and Stereoskopia.
    • 4 Comets: 94P/Russell, 130P/McNaught-Hughes, C/2014 F3 (Sheppard-Trujillo), and C/2014 W2 (PANSTARRS).
    • 16 Jupiter Trojans and 14 Trans-Neptunian Objects.

The figure below illustrates the location of the field and its notable targets.

K2 C15 field