K2 Campaign 16 DDT deadline approaching

News article posted on by Michael Gully-Santiago

The deadline for 2-page Campaign 16 Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) proposals is August 31, 2017. The DDT program welcome requests for exceptional, time-critical observing opportunities of targets that have not already been included in the preliminary target list for K2 Campaign 16.

Notable targets in the Campaign 16 field include the M67 and M44 (Beehive) clusters, alongside dozens of confirmed and candidate planets previously discovered in the overlapping Campaign 5 field.

As a reminder: the "forward-facing" Campaign 16 field will be visible from both hemispheres throughout the duration of the Campaign (Dec 7 - Feb 25), enabling contemporaneous observations to be carried out from observatories on Earth. Many teams have already registered their contemporaneous observing plans in a publicly editable Google Doc.

The plans submitted so far have been compiled into the map below, revealing a wide range of observing capabilities which are expected to yield a rich legacy data set that is likely to benefit a wide variety of investigations. Several of the observatories plan to monitor the C16 field every night, providing polychromatic photometry and spectroscopy to complement Kepler's single bandpass.

We continue to encourage the K2 community to continue to register the details of the observing efforts in the Google Doc, and to engage in collaborations which help optimize the use of the available resources.

Map of selected ground-based observations of the Campaign 16 field