K2 Campaign 17 data processing complete

News article posted on by Jeff Coughlin

Data processing for K2 Campaign 17 is now complete and the pixel files and lightcurves are in the process of being shipped to the data archive at MAST. We anticipate that the data release will be announced by next week.

Campaign 17 provided a substantial overlap with Campaign 6, offering a longer baseline for stellar activity, asteroseismology, and AGN studies, as well as enabling dozens of K2 planet candidates to be revisited.

The target list featured more than 34,000 targets, including 3,000+ candidate M dwarf stars, 10,000+ candidate FGK main-sequence stars, and 14,000+ galaxies. Notable short cadence targets included dozens of planet systems, 67 variable white dwarfs, 47 cool flare stars, and 17 bright solar-type stars.

Please keep an eye on our website for an announcement of the release and the associated data release notes.

K2 C17 Cartoon