K2 Campaign 20 science program now available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The science program and target lists for K2 Campaign 20 (Oct 15, 2018 - Jan 5, 2019) have now been posted on the approved targets & programs page.

The target list includes 14,789 standard long cadence and 210 standard short cadence targets located towards the constellation of Taurus. The Campaign partially overlaps with Campaigns 4 and 13, while also surveying 20 deg2 of previously unstudied sky.

Campaign 20 will revisit the Taurus-Auriga star-forming region in the forward-facing mode. The region contains a large number of very young stars (<10 Myr) and the Campaign will significantly increase the number of such stars observed by Kepler. The field also includes members of the Pleiades (∼100 Myr) and Hyades (∼600 Myr) star clusters. The observations will improve the estimation of planet occurence rates as a function of stellar age, and will also enable the baseline of variability studies of young stars to be extended by including targets previously observed during Campaign 4 (2015) and Campaign 13 (2017).

The target list also contains a large number of main sequence stars, white dwarfs, flare stars, brown dwarfs, solar analogs, and classical variables which will enable a wide array of investigations.

The figure below illustrates the location of the field and its notable targets. The red dots mark the location of cluster members.

C20 Field