K2 Campaign 3 data release

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

Campaign 3 target pixel files, light curves, and full frame images are now available for download from the K2 data archive.

The C3 target list included 16,375 standard long cadence and 55 standard short cadence targets. In addition, custom pixel apertures were collected along the trajectories of dwarf planet (225088) 2007 OR10, the planet Neptune, and its moon Nereid.

Data release notes are available. We strongly encourage users to read the release notes. In particular, we draw attention to the following changes in the data processing:

  • The background level is now removed from the calibrated pixel flux provided by the target pixel files (column FLUX), bringing the K2 TPF files in line with those that were previously made available for the prime Kepler mission.
  • New quality flags now indicate which cadences were obtained during a thruster firing (column QUALITY).
  • Simple Aperture Photometry (SAP_FLUX) and cotrended (PDCSAP_FLUX) light curves are now available for long cadence data.