K2 GO Cycle 6 Phase-2 proposals for funding due on April 19th

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

US-based users of K2 data are reminded that Phase-2 proposals for the K2 Guest Observer Cycle 6 are due in one month, i.e. by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on April 19, 2018.

The Cycle 6 Phase-2 solicitation offers the opportunity to obtain funds to execute scientific investigations which require the analysis of observations obtained as part of K2 Campaigns 17, 18, or 19.

Funding amounts will be determined formulaically based on the number of targets the proposal will utilize. Award sizes will range from $30K for a few targets to up to $50K for 999 targets. Proposals which will utilize over 1000 targets may receive up to the maximum award amount of $150K. We anticipate that approximately 12-20 small programs and 5-6 large programs will be selected.

The Cycle 6 solicitation is available at NSPIRES. Further information about the proposal process, including the scope, evaluation criteria, availability of funds, eligibility, submission process, and frequently asked questions, is detailed on the proposal preparation page on this website.

Compared to previous K2 GO Cycles, we draw attention to the following changes:

  • Phase-2 proposals are limited to use observations for targets which have already been selected to be observed during K2 Campaigns 17, 18, or 19, i.e. which are listed on the K2 approved targets & programs page. The target lists for these Campaigns have already been established based on the peer review of Phase-1 proposals.

  • Any team may submit a Phase-2 proposal using any of the targets that appear in the target lists of Campaigns 17, 18, or 19. A Phase-1 submission is not mandatory to qualify for Phase-2. Likewise, teams who submitted Phase-1 proposals are permitted to change the scope of their proposed investigation and the composition of their team.

  • Proposers must include target tables which detail the objects their investigation will analyze. The tables must both be embedded within the body of the proposal package that is uploaded to NSPIRES, and electronic copies of the tables must also be submitted via e-mail to the Kepler & K2 GO Office (keplergo@mail.arc.nasa.gov) by the deadline. The required target table format is documented on the proposal preparation page.

  • Because the future Campaigns are at risk of spacecraft fuel running low, proposers may wish to clarify, as part of their proposal, to which degree the scientific objectives of the proposed investigation can be met using data from Campaigns 17 or 18 alone.

  • As part of the Phase-2 submission, NSPIRES will request a mandatory Data Management Plan (4000 characters). Proposers are encouraged to explain how the results, data, and source code produced by the investigation will be made public as part of this plan. Guidance on the Data Management Plan requirements can be found at https://go.nasa.gov/ROSESDMP.