K2 GO Cycle 7 Phase-1 deadline postponed to August 16, 2018

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

In response to the drop in fuel pressure observed during Campaign 18, the K2 Guest Observer Cycle 7 call (cf. ROSES D.7 on NSPIRES) has been amended to postpone the Phase-1 deadline from July 19 to August 16, 2018. This change enables the submission of target proposals for K2 Campaign 20 to be delayed until after the successful start of Campaign 19 is confirmed near August 9. All other dates remain unchanged.

Phase-1 proposals, including target lists and a scientific rationale, are now requested by August 16, 2018. If the spacecraft health and fuel allow, then Phase-2 proposals will be due January 17, 2019.

Questions regarding this change may be sent to keplergo@mail.arc.nasa.gov.