Kepler/K2 at the AAS 231: January 2018, Washington DC

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

Members of the Kepler/K2 mission team are looking forward to meeting you at the 231st AAS meeting in Washington, DC. You can find us at our exhibit booth, the K2/TESS splinter session, and several presentations.

Exhibit booth

Kepler/K2 staff will be available at the NASA Exoplanets Booth in the far rear left corner of the exhibit hall. We will be able to update you about the spacecraft status, answer your questions about the upcoming K2 Cycle 6 funding opportunities, and demonstrate the new PyKE data analysis tools. You can also just pass by to grab a Kepler sticker!

Joint splinter session with TESS

On Tuesday evening (Jan 9th, at 7:30pm) the K2 and TESS missions are convening a joint splinter session to enable you to hear latest news from both missions, alongside a small number of fun science talks. Stay tuned for details!

NASA Hyperwall presentations

Come and experience Kepler talks on the ultra-high resolution Hyperwall screen at NASA's booth in the exhibit hall:

  • Tue Jan 9th, 5:00pm: How to get the most out of Kepler data (Christina Hedges, Kepler/K2 Support Scientist)
  • Wed Jan 10th, 4:15pm: High-Precision Photometry Across 1000 Square Degrees (Jessie Dotson, Kepler/K2 Project Scientist)

Conference talks and posters

Kepler/K2 staff will present the following contributions during the meeting:

  • Poster 439.07: A PSF photometry tool for NASA's Kepler, K2, and TESS missions (José De Miranda Cardoso)
  • Poster 439.10: PyKE3: data analysis tools for NASA's Kepler, K2, and TESS missions (Christina Hedges)
  • Talk at Wed Jan 10th, 10:40am: The Kepler and K2 Near-Infrared Transit Survey (Knicole Colón)
  • Talk at Fri Jan 12th, 11:00am: Using Final Kepler Catalog Completeness and Reliability Products in Exoplanet Occurrence Rate Estimates (Steve Bryson)
  • Talk at Fri Jan 12th, 11:20am: Star clusters and K2 (Jessie Dotson)
  • Talk at Fri Jan 12th, 2:00pm: The exoplanet population revealed by K2 (Geert Barentsen)
  • Talk at Fri Jan 12th, 2:10pm: Fake Planets! Simulating Transits and False Positives for Kepler's Final Catalog (Jeff Coughlin)
  • Talk at Fri Jan 12th, 2:50pm: Kepler's DR25 Most Earth-like Planet Candidates: What To Know Before You Go (Susan Thompson)