More community generated light curves available at MAST

News article posted on by Tom Barclay

The Oxford Exoplanets group announces the release at MAST of a new set of K2 light curve High Level Science Products. The Oxford group has applied the K2 Systematics Correction (K2SC) Gaussian Process-based detrending algorithm to project generated long-cadence light curves from Campaigns 3 to 6. This algorithm simultaneously models astrophysical variability and pointing systematics, enabling the user to disentangle the two and remove either or both. These light curves are therefore well-suited to searches for transits and other short-lived events in the light curves of variable active stars, or to studying stellar variability. Additional campaigns will be added as the data becomes available and the source code is available from Github.

This release complements the K2 data already hosted at the MAST, which includes the project generated data products, and community generated High Level Science Products.