New community High Level Science Products available at MAST

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The mission encourages members of our community to share and archive value-added data products derived from Kepler or K2 observations via the High Level Science Products (HLSP) service offered by the data archive at MAST.

In recent months, four bespoke data products have been released or updated in this way:

More details on each of these data products, including a more detailed description and a list of references, is available via the K2 High Level Science Product page at MAST.

Additional teams are encouraged to make their bespoke data products available in the same way. In particular, PI's of large programs funded via the K2 Guest Observer Program are reminded of the requirement to develop and disseminate a value-added community resource product at the end of their performance period.

The project's helpdesk is available to help guide the delivery of new data products and connect authors with the archives.