New Kepler data analysis tools and tutorials: Lightkurve v1.0

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

Lightkurve v1.0 is a new Python package which offers a user-friendly way to work with the pixel and lightcurve products produced by the Kepler and TESS pipelines. The package aims to lower the barrier for both students, astronomers, and citizen scientists interested in analyzing Kepler and K2 data by providing high-quality tools that are accompanied by tutorials.

Detailed installation instructions are available on the documentation webpages at

The first version of lightkurve is accompanied by the following tutorials:

Additional video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel.

Lightkurve is an open source community project owned by the authors. The development takes place on GitHub and everyone is invited to contribute. It replaces the existing PyKE suite of command-line tools, which will slowly be migrated to become the command-line interface for the lightkurve package.

The animation below illustrates some of the features provided by lightkurve:

lightkurve animation