New white paper: Scientific Opportunities with Kepler & K2 Archive Data

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The Kepler and K2 missions have provided an unprecedented data set with a precision and duration that will not be rivaled for decades. Even though the data has already contributed to nearly 2,500 scientific publications so far, the scientific community continues to extract new discoveries from the archive data every day.

To help new users understand where there may be important scientific gains left to be made in analyzing Kepler data, and to encourage the continued use of the archives, we have prepared a white paper which discusses a non-exhaustive list of 21 important data analysis projects which can be executed using the public data that are readily available in the archives today. Each project contains a link to an issue on the GitHub repository of the white paper where we invite researchers to discuss their ideas or progress towards resolving the challenge.

The studies discussed in the paper show that many of Kepler's contributions still lie ahead of us, owing to the emergence of complementary new data sets, novel data analysis methods, and advances in computing power.

  Click here to access the white paper.