Presenting results at AAS that have public appeal? Let us know!

News article posted on by Knicole Colon

The K2 mission is well into its second year of operations and is routinely producing exciting and significant science from its observations of fields along the ecliptic. The prime Kepler mission also continues to yield scientifically significant results from its four-year-long observations of the Cygnus-Lyra region.

While we consider each scientific result to be critical to the legacy of both Kepler and K2, some results are of particular interest to the public (e.g., an exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone of a nearby star, or stars with unique flux variations that spark a public conversation on alien megastructures).

If you are attending AAS in January and presenting new results from either K2 or Kepler that you think will grab the public's attention, let us know so we can help promote your work. In particular, if you have a science result that may have public appeal and will soon be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, please contact Michele Johnson.