Reprocessed Kepler Q0-Q17 short cadence data available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The final reprocessing of the Kepler Q0-Q17 short cadence data has been completed. The new target pixel and lightcurve files have been ingested into the Kepler data archive at MAST.

This release (DR25) corrects both the scrambled collateral smear issue reported in the Global Erratum for Kepler Q0-Q17 & K2 C0-C5 Short-Cadence Data (KSCI-19080-002.pdf) and the Dynablack calibration problem reported in the Data Release 24 Notes Q0–Q17 Erratum (KSCI-19064-002a-DRN24err.pdf).

A revised version of the Data Release Notes 25 KSCI-19065-002DRN25.pdf is available as well.