Share your plan for K2 Campaign 16 ancillary observations

News article posted on by Michael Gully-Santiago

K2 Campaign 16 (Dec 7 - Feb 25) will be "forward-facing", making possible contemporaneous ground-based observations from Earth. Many teams have now secured telescope time to provide polychromatic photometry and spectroscopy of the field during the Campaign, e.g. for the benefit of the K2 Supernova Cosmology Experiment as well as a diversity of other projects including stellar rotation/activity/jitter studies and simultaneous exoplanet transit observations.

Because many of these ancillary data can be repurposed to benefit multiple science projects, and because many of these data will become publicly available, we encourage the K2 community to share the details of their observing resources in a crowdsourced Google Doc and collaborate to optimize the use of these resources:

  Click here to access the K2 Campaign 16 ancillary observations Google Doc

The document above is editable directly if you wish to update the spreadsheet with your planned observations. Alternatively you can input your observations using this form or using the embedded form below.

As a reminder: the preliminary target list for Campaign 16 is available on line, and 2-page DDT proposals for additional targets may be submitted until August 31, 2017.