Updated version of the K2 Handbook now available

News article posted on by Jeff Coughlin

An updated version of the K2 Handbook has been released and is available in PDF format via the K2 Documents page at MAST.

The updated K2 Handbook describes:

  • Operation of the Kepler spacecraft for the K2 Mission — now updated through end-of-flight.
  • How K2 targets were selected and apertures chosen — now including through the final K2 campaign.
  • How the data is processed by the Kepler pipeline and archived — now including details on the K2 global uniform reprocessing effort.
  • Analysis of data quality and characteristics — now updated to include all K2 campaigns and a more thorough analysis of the impact due to K2's roll motion.
  • Description of the publicly available engineering data — now updated to include new products.

Both novice and experienced users of K2 data are encouraged to read the updated K2 Handbook.

A final version of the K2 Handbook is expected to be released in 2020.